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Rebecca Campbell
Campbell, Rebecca, Ph.D.
Professor, Ecological-Community Psychology

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Dr. Rebecca Campbell is a professor of Community Psychology and Program Evaluation at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on violence against women, specifically sexual assault and how the legal, medical, and mental systems respond to the needs of rape survivors. She is currently conducting collaborative research with Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) programs–a community-based intervention designed to provide comprehensive post-assault services to pediatric and adult victims of sexual assault. She is the author of Emotionally Involved: The Impact of Researching Rape (2002, Routledge), which won the 2002 Distinguished Publication Award from the Association for Women in Psychology. Dr. Campbell received the 2002 Emerging Leader Award from the Committee on Women in Psychology of the American Psychological Association, and the 2006 Scientific Achievement Award from the International Association of Forensic Nurses. Dr. Campbell has been active in the anti-violence social movement since 1989 and has spent 10 years working as a volunteer rape victim advocate in hospital emergency departments.

Select Publications

  • Campbell, R., Sprague, H.A., Cottrill, S., & Sullivan, C.M. (2011). Longitudinal research with sexual assault survivors: A methodological review. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 26, 433-461.
  • Campbell, R., Adams, A.E., Wasco, S.M., Ahrens, C.E., & Sefl, T. (2010). “What has it been like for you to talk with me today?” The impact of participating in community interview research on rape survivors. Violence Against Women, 16, 60-83.
  • Campbell, R., Patterson, D., & Cabral, G. (2010). Using ecological theory to evaluate the effectiveness of an indigenous community intervention: A study of sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) programs. American Journal of Community Psychology, 46, 263-276.
  • Campbell, R., Patterson, D., Dworkin, E., & Diegel, R. (2010). Anogenital injuries in childhood sexual abuse victims treated in a pediatric forensic nurse examiner (FNE) program. Journal of Forensic Nursing, 6, 188-195.
  • Cox, P.J., Lang, K., Townsend, S.M., & Campbell, R. (2010). The Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) theory model of community change: Connecting individual and social change. Journal of Family Social Work, 13, 297-312.

Select Awards

  • Special Contributions to Public Policy Award (The Society for Community Research and Action, 2015)
  • Council on Educational Program’s Excellent Educator Award (The Society for Community Research and Action, 2015)
  • Vision 21 Research Award (Department of Justice, 2015)

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