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Funder: Michigan Department of Community Health
PI: Sheryl Kubiak
Dates: 2009 – current

Since 2009, Kubiak has been funded to evaluate the implementation, ongoing process and outcomes of the Wayne County Court through the National Institute of Justice grant to the State Court Administrator’s Office, Detroit/Wayne Community Mental Health, and the Flinn Foundation. After reviewing our annual reports, the Michigan Department of Community Health asked us to evaluate 8 funded MHC statewide. Since August of 2011, we have been engaged in observations of these courts, interviews with stakeholders and merging multiple statewide administrative datasets (i.e. mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, state police, state court administrators office and local jail data) in an attempt to compare pre-MHC behavior with post-MHC behavior (using one year time periods). Our reports (submitted10/1/12) include individual reports for each county (n=8) as well as an aggregate report for the state.

Collaborators: Sheryl Kubiak, Deb Bybee, Liz Tillander
Start Date: 2009
End Date: Ongoing

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