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RCGV faculty, students and staff join the rest of the MSU community in being outraged not only at Larry Nassar’s crimes against so many women and girls, but at how MSU handled this crisis and others involving gender-based violence over the years. We are optimistic and support the administration’s efforts to make meaningful change and transformation toward creating a culture that is safe, supportive, and inclusive for all and especially survivors and those at risk for sexual assault and gender-based violence.

Within RCGV, we are contributing to MSU’s transformation in a variety of ways:

Interim President John Engler has created and convened the 9-member Relationship Violence & Sexual Misconduct Expert Advisory Workgroup of trusted leaders within MSU who have demonstrated significant expertise relevant to relationship violence and sexual misconduct, who have in-depth knowledge about the programs, services and policies at MSU, and who have a strong track record of working collaboratively together and with the administration to achieve goals important to the entire MSU community. RCGV faculty member Dr. Rebecca Campbell chairs the workgroup, and RCGV members Drs. Carrie Moylan and Cris Sullivan serve on the committee. RCGV graduate student McKenzie Javorka is providing invaluable support to the workgroup’s mission.

The workgroup will work closely with other organizations, committees and units on campus to ensure that diverse viewpoints are brought into all decision-making, and will carefully consider the voices of students, faculty, staff and alumni. The expert advisory workgroup will advise the president on policies and programs related to relationship violence and sexual misconduct, ensuring that decisions moving forward are based on best practice evidence and in line with MSU’s goal of creating and sustaining a safe and supportive campus for all.  More information is available here.

In addition:
Dr. Amy Bonomi chairs MSU’s Sexual Victimization Advisory Committee, which is responsible for systematically collecting information from the campus community on climate and areas of improvement.  Dr. Bonomi is also chair of the Human Development and Family Studies Department, which is offering free clinical services for survivors of Larry Nassar’s crimes at their Couple and Family Clinic.
Dr. Carrie Moylan is a member of MSU’s Violence Free Communities, and Dr. Cris Sullivan chairs the advisory board to MSU Safe Place.

A sample of articles written by RCGV members pertaining to campus sexual misconduct and/or relationship violence include:

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